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Over 3 million people in the Netherlands don't make it to their yearly dentist appointment. Amongst them, 800.000 avoid the dentist out of fear. When was your last visit to the dentist? If for whatever reason you haven't gone to a dentist in a while, we would like to help you get back on track.


De Lieve Tandarts translates into the very ironic 'sweetest dentist'. At De Lieve Tandarts we only keep the sweetest dentists on file. Let's not sugarcoat it: going to the dentist is rarely fun for anyone, yet the dentists we know go out of their way to put you at ease. We visit each and every one of them personally to make sure they meet our 'sweet' standards of dental care. 

When was your last dental visit? If it's been a while, follow the 3 steps below to get back on track. 

Step 1
Fill in the contact form below or call us at 06-15296709. Tell us what you look for in a dentist. This could be anything from 'distraction in the chair' (TV, pictures, a dentist known to tell a good joke) to special (local) anesthesia.
Step 2
We match you to the nearest available dentist that meets your demands.
If you have an extreme fear of the dentist, we could bring you into contact
with a certified therapist to address your anxiety first. 

Step 3

You have been matched. From experience, we know that the first step is the hardest one. Being with the dearest dentist available to you will help you stay on track and go to your yearly appointments to keep that healthy smile.

So... how did it go? We would love to hear from you.

Your positive experiences could inspire others to overcome their non-habit and implement the healthy habit of going to the dentist regularly.

Fill out the contact form to get your free dentist match. 

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