Dentist Amsterdam

Dental practice ZuidOost in Amsterdam

Tandartspraktijk Zuid-Oost, Florijn in Amsterdam
Tandartspraktijk ZuidOost - locatie Florijn
Tandartspraktijk Zuid-Oost locatie Bijlmerdreef
Tandartspraktijk ZuidOost Bijlmerdreef

Dental specialists:

  • Dentists: Peter, Anne, Amber, Alexandra, Victoria, Toufeek, Jetske, Robbert-Jan (implantology), Petruta (endodontologist) and Siham (children's dentist)
  • Prevention assistants: Kim, Larissa, Mimi, Nachaira, Phylicia, Rachel, Robyn ter, Shenaz, Stacey and Suheda
  • Paro Prevention assistants: Beverly, Carolia, Fatima, Jessie, Sara and Sarah
  • Dental Assistants: Amy, Marlene, Sule and Zoë
  • Dental hygienists: Deyenne, Marjolein, Yalda, Rachel and Tanya
  • Front desk: Adinda, Esmeralda, Hermine, Jeannellis, Maaike, Marloes, Maxine, Sylvia and Prisilla
  • Back Office: Blackbird, Jurriette, Maria and Marijke


Good to know:

  • Dutch Dental Practice of the Year (2017)
  • Always a very personal approach
  • Very suitable for anxious patients
  • "We transform every patient into a super enthusiastic fan!"
  • Extended opening hours

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Lieve Tandarts score: 8,7

Yes, this will be my dear dentist in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost

2 locations in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost

Or contact us directly:

call 020 705 96 37 (Florijn 5B) or 020 690 60 31 (Bijlmerdreef 794) or visit the website of Tandartspraktijk ZuidOost here

Team Dental practice ZuidOost Amsterdam

We hope to see you soon in our practice!

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