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Dental Practice De Liefde

Dental Professionals


  • Dentists: Hans, Maartje, Marjolein, Pauline and Mojdeh
  • Dentist-Gnathologist: Chryssa
  • Endodontologist: Sander
  • Implantologists: Ilian and Nanno
  • Dentist for orthodontics: Pueyos
  • Dental hygienists: Kim, Panteha and Samira
  • Prevention assistants: Monique, Parvaneh and Barbara
  • Assistants: Quirine, Lilik, Jeanet, Jop and Jorg
  • Reception: Tessa, Sanne, Sabrina, Anne and Esther
  • Practice manager: Marit 

Good to know:

  • A modern dental practice with always a tailor-made, personal treatment plan
  • If desired, a holistic approach
  • You can also go for additive medicine such as acupuncture (also for anesthesia, together with TheWand) and orthomolecular medicine.
  • Metal free practice with a clean up system
  • Pass through the threshold, even if you find it difficult to go to the dentist. This dental practice takes full account of you.

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