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Sweet Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan

Meet the specialists

  • Dentists: Fenna, Onno, Pauline, Jordie, Marjolein and Mojdeh
  • Dentist-implantologists: Ilian and Nanno
  • Endodontist: Eliza
  • Dental hygienists: Marly, Kim, Sanam, Iris and Samira
  • Prevention assistants: Nathalie, Fleur, Lucy, Barbara, Celle, and Amber
  • Dental assistants: Greet, Inge, Charlotte, Jorg and Melanie
  • Front desk: Anne, Esther and Akkerixt
  • Practice manager: Marit

Good to know:

  • A real family practice with a lot of attention for children
  • 100% personal attention for you as a patient, even if you find it hard to go to the dentist
  • Apart from all regular treatments also treatment of jaw joint pain (gnathology)

Assess this practice? If you are a patient at Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan in Amsterdam and you would like to share your experience with De Lieve Tandarts, please contact us.

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Location in Amsterdam

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T: 020-420 43 67
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You can find the website of Tandartspraktijk Plantage Middenlaan in Amsterdam here.

Hope to see you soon in our dental practice at the plantage middenlaan

Team Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan

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