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Dental practice 257 / Beauty Dent, Rotterdam

Receptie tandartspraktijk Praktijk 257-Beauty Dent
Receptie tandartspraktijk Praktijk 257-Beauty Dent
Wachtkamer tandartspraktijk Praktijk 257-Beauty Dent
Wachtkamer tandartspraktijk Praktijk 257-Beauty Dent

Present specialists:


  • Dentists: Victoria and Pedro
  • Assistants: Edina, Hannie, Elsje and Mo
  • Dental technique: Gerrit
  • Assistant technique: Mauricio
  • Dental practice manager: Paula

Good to know:


  • A modern dental practice with a lot of attention for prevention
  • The customer is received in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere
  • Trust between the team and the patient is key
  • Free introductions are possible
  • Also suitable for anxious patients!
  • Family business with many years of experience on this location; they know all patients personally
  • Painless treatment; also laughing gas sedation possible

Behandelkamer Praktijk 257/Beautydent Rotterdam
Behandelkamer Praktijk 257/Beautydent Rotterdam

Assess this practice? If you are a patient at Tandartspraktijk 257 / Beauty Dent in Rotterdam and you would like to share your experience with De Lieve Tandarts, please contact us. 

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 Lieve Tandarts score: 8,8

Maria's experiences, March-April 2018:


"I went to Rotterdam this afternoon, it's such a fine dentist, she explained everything, what the possibilities are for me ...  it is a sweet dentist, and Victoria is her name. They make me feel right at home. The people behind the counter are also very nice.Visited 3 April with great confidence and without fear for a treatment. "


"This afternoon I went for the first treatment by sweet dentist Victoria. In Rotterdam. It is a sweet dentist with heart for her work. Also the assistant, the people at the desk,  a 10 out of 10 for them. All painless and with good consultation about the treatments; 17 April I go back for the next treatment."

Yes, this will be my dear dentist in Rotterdam

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Location in Rotterdam, Bergweg

Bergweg 257B in Rotterdam

Contact us directly via

T: 010-466 94 07 or visit the website of Praktijk 257-Beauty Dent here.

Regarding your privacy we ask you not to share any confidential and / or medical information with us. Please indicate that we may call you if you want us to help you with your application or transfer to a dear dentist. See for our privacy statement

Team Tandartspraktijk 257/ Beauty Dent Rotterdam

We would like to see you soon in our practice!

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