Dentists Lassus Tandartsen Amsterdam

Dear dentists Lassusstraat Amsterdam

Dental specialists:

  • Dentists: Brenda, Chris, Claudia, Hesther, Joelle, Jordie, Marija, Marjolein, Mechteld, Negisti, Nienke, Pauline, Peter, Rosalie, Stijn, Thomas, Tom, and Walter
  • Paradontologist: Sara
  • Radiologist: Kostas
  • Implantologists: Ilian and Nanno
  • Endodontologists: Eliza and Sander
  • Gnathologist: Chryssa
  • Dentists for orthodontics: Pueyos and Jakko
  • Dental hygienists: Hakima, Josefien, Kim, Kiyana, Marly, Panteha, Sacha, Samira, Sanam
  • Prevention assistants: Azemina, Barbara, Celle, Esmeralda, Kaoutar, Leire, Lilian, Lucy, Marjoram, Nahida, Pleunie, Quirine and Ruth
  • Assistants: Amber, Anouk, Canan, Daphne, Elisa, Fleur, Jeannette, Jop, Jorg, Josette, Melanie, Melina, Michael, Nathalie, Niels, Nynke, Parvaneh, Rebecca, Robin, Sarah, Shannon, Sonhi, Sophie
  • Receptionists: Ailin, Akkerixt, Anissa, Anne, Diony, Els, Esther, Fenna, Jamie, Linsey, Marcia, Marieke, Marije, Naomi, Sabrina, Sanne, Sosha, Tessa, Yasmina
  • Practice manager: Marit 


 Good to know

  • Always a really personal approach
  • High scores on customer satisfaction
  • Very friendly for anxious patients too
  • A modern practice with the latest treatment methods and techniques
  • Specialized in facings, implants, gnathology and root canal treatments.

Assess this practice? If you are a patient at Tandartspraktijk Lassus in Amsterdam on the Lassusstraat and would like to share your experience with De Lieve Tandarts, please contact us. 


 Lieve Tandarts score: 9,1

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We hope to see you soon in our practice!

Team Tandartspraktijk Lassus Lassusstraat