When was your last dental appointment?

If you don't remember, you're not alone. Not visiting the dentist regularly happens more often than you'd think. 


De Lieve Tandarts — loosely translated as The Dearest Dentist — is here to help you find your way back. Brighten up your life with a genuine smile by finding a dentist who understands you and takes the time to help.


Over 5000 people have used this platform to find their way (back) to the dentist or other dental professional.

The Dearest Dentist: Same price, better benefits

De Lieve Tandarts is a mediation platform. It is our mission to help you visit the dentist regularly. Our quality seal is part of helping you identify a dearest dentist — find yours today.

Need us to call you?

Feel free to leave your number and we'll call you back whenever it suits you. We'll be able to find a Dear Dentist or simply tell you more about our initiative.


Click here for the call-back form or click here to find your dentist.

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PsyNed is partner van De Lieve Tandarts
psyned is partner van De Lieve Tandarts

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