Has it been a while since you visited a dentist?

That happens more often than you may think.

Fortunately, more and more people are successfully making the move to a Dear Dentist.

Go for teeth and a mouth that makes you feel good. Thanks to a dear dentist who understands you!

Contact us today and you might have better teeth and a healthy mouth within a few weeks!

For the same money a dear dentist!

De Lieve Tandarts is a mediation platform. It is our mission to convince as many people as possible to visit the dentist regularly.

Rather go to the Dear Dentist!

Can we call you back?

Enter your number and we will call you back when it suits you. We can find a sweet dentist who suits you on your behalf, or we can give you more information about our initiative.

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Platform voor lieve tandartsen

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PsyNed is partner van De Lieve Tandarts
psyned is partner van De Lieve Tandarts