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Dental Factory Amsterdam

Location Dental Factory Amsterdam
Location Dental Factory Amsterdam
Dental Factory Amsterdam
Dental Factory

Dental specialists and assistants:

  • Dentists: Jan, Leire, Murtada, Chantal, Sara, Mohamed, Meshkan en Saeed
  • Dental hygienists: Faye en Raiha, Narmina en Marlou 
  • Preventive assistants: Azemina, Narel en Chaymae
  • Dental Assistants: Patricia, Ihab, Sibel, Nilufer, Yaphet, Rana, Kaderya, Nabila, Greet, Wiresh en Eveline
  • Front office: Astrid, Eliane, Noa en Mayelin
  • Dental practice management: Philip

Good to know:

  • A personal approach
  • High scores for customer satisfaction (9)
  • No waiting list. You can make an appointment immediately
  • Very suitable for anxious patients
  • Open 7 days a week

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Dental Factory

Jan van Galenstraat 171

1056 BS Amsterdam (West)

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